New Mexico has a strong presence of customer service centers throughout the state, including Gap Inc., Fidelity Investments, and Hewlett-Packard. An aggressive workforce development program, bilingual workforce, and competitive wages make the state a prime destination for centers of all types and skill needs. A strong broadband network, competitive electric prices, and proximity to the nation’s fastest growing states also contribute to the growth of the industry here.

 Quick Facts            
  • Highly bilingual workforce, in multiple languages
  • Median age group is young and tech savvy
  • Older, experienced workers located in state
  • Temperate weather, not disaster prone
  • Young workers able and willing to work around the clock
Major Employers
SiTel Hewlett Packard
PreCheck, Inc. Lowes
SEI PR Newswire
Sprint PCS T-Mobile
Fidelity Investments Verizon Wireless
Gap Inc. Victoria’s Secret