The availability of trained, affordable labor concerns all companies and in some industries, technical expertise and productivity take on even greater importance. A recent report points to the many positive traits of the workforce in New Mexico. The state has a well-educated, sizable, young workforce with an even larger potential workforce willing to consider new job opportunities.

Our universities and colleges graduate students with various degrees ranging from liberal arts and nursing, to business, math, science, engineering, and education. With graduates entering the workforce each year, employers are able to select motivated, hard-working employees.

Technical Expertise
New Mexico has long been an attractive location for technology-intensive businesses to establish operations. Companies like Boeing, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Emcore, Genzyme and Raytheon have found a technologically astute workforce in the state’s experienced engineers and technicians. While many work at the national laboratories, where they accumulate valuable experience and technological expertise, the majority of the skilled and creative workforce exists outside of the labs.

Bilingual Population
By the state constitution, New Mexico is officially a bilingual state, with almost 29% of adults speaking Spanish. Forty-six percent of the population is Hispanic. The state also has a large Native American population, second in percentage behind that of Alaska.

Productive Workforce
We have one of the most productive workforces in the U.S. today, measured in terms of “value-added per worker” (which deducts the cost of material inputs in the manufacturing process, but leaves cost of equipment and workers). The 2008 Business Facilities Rankings Report found that New Mexico “resoundingly trounced the competition” in the manufacturing sector, and ranked us #3 among Workforce Training Leaders in 2010.

Affordable Labor
New Mexico is not the only state with a technical, bilingual and productive workforce. However, business is hard pressed to find a location with our high quality workforce accompanied by such a low cost of labor. In fact, Business Facilities magazine ranked New Mexico #6 in Cost of Labor in 2010. In New Mexico, you can find your skilled labor, and afford it too.


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