Whether you are looking to test unmanned systems, develop nanomaterials, film a television series, or send tourists to space, New Mexico has the assets you need. The state has a rich defense history, and continues to build on that strength with three national laboratories, three air force bases and White Sands Missile Range. Surrounding White Sands is the only restricted airspace in the U. S. outside of the White House, making it an ideal testing ground.

Air Force Research Labs has the directorates of Space Vehicles and Directed Energy, which are natural collaborators with Spaceport America in southern New Mexico and Sandia National Labs’ photonics research and expertise. In fact, we are often told that New Mexico is the center of the photonics world.

In addition to our defense and scientific assets, we have a geographically diverse state suitable for all types of film backdrops. Lucrative film incentives, a talented labor base, and the existence of several studios in central New Mexico have brought many feature films and television series to the state. These include feature films: Avengers, Due Date, Transcendence, Lone Survivor, We’re The Millers, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Iron Man 2, Cowboys and Aliens, and the series Breaking Bad, In Plain Sight, and Longmire.

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